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Coming in 2020!

New Options for Gatherings!

MHF’s major fellowship and inspirational event, Annual Gathering, is being moved to the fall, starting in 2020! In the meantime, MHF is developing plans for Regional Gatherings, held on weekends and featuring streaming services over the Internet, as well as Regional Meetings in various locations on an evening or weekend and featuring just one presentation. Visit the pages for more information as it becomes available! And feel free to browse our past gatherings and meetings!

Annual Gatherings

Annual Gatherings build on the tradition of the joint MMA/MNA Conventions held by Mennonite Medical Association and Mennonite Nurses Association. Traditionally held in the early summer, MHF is trying something new in 2020. Watch for an announcement soon about Annual Gathering 2020 in September 2020! Visit the Annual Gatherings page for more details.

Regional Gatherings

Regional Gatherings are being planned for diverse locations around the country. They will be focused on an all-day Saturday schedule which is planned to be broadcast via the Internet. In addition, a fellowship event on Friday evening and a Sunday morning worship option will be built in as circumstances permit. Watch for an announcement soon about upcoming Regional Gatherings in 2020!

Past Gatherings

Check out the new page featuring Past Gatherings! And please let us know if you are willing to host a new Regional Gathering or Regional Meeting in your area!

Regional Meetings

MHF would like to revive Regional Meetings during our 2019-20 fiscal year. Regional Meetings are generally held on an evening in a location accessible to MHF members in a particular area and feature a fellowship event and/or one featured presentation. For more information, please see the Regional Meetings page and visit the Past Meetings page for ideas from previous meetings.

Student Meetings

A new feature in MHF’s programming is Student Meetings. These are generally held on Mennonite campuses and often co-sponsored by an academic department and/or student club. While the focus is on students, this is also an opportunity for practicing professionals to interact with students, give presentations, or offer shadowing or mentoring opportunities. Visit the Student Meetings page for details of the next event in November 2019 at Goshen College.

Mennonite Health Assembly

Mennonite Health Assembly (MHA) is an annual 3 day assembly held usually in the late winter or early spring. MHA is planned and co-sponsored by MHS (Mennonite Health Services). Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship, as a member organization of MHS Alliance, cooperates in supporting and publicizing MHA which is open to organizations and individuals involved in health-related services. See the MHA page or go directly to the MHS website for more information.

Church Conferences and Conventions

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship participates in other Mennonite-related conferences, conventions, and other events as time and resources permit.  See the home page for announcements about upcoming events.

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship

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