Health-related Tour to Nazareth

Opportunity from The Nazareth Project

Health-related Tour to Nazareth

The Nazareth Project, in cooperation with Eastern Mennonite University’s Alumni Office, is offering a unique and fascinating health-related trip to Israel and Palestine during April 6 – 19, 2021. In addition to exploring biblical and historical sites from Dan in the North to Bethlehem in Palestine in the south, from the Golan Heights to the depths of the Dead Sea, the tour will connect with some of the most innovative and inspiring models of health care in both Israel and Palestine. Included on the itinerary is a tour of the Mennonite-related Nazareth Hospital, the world famous Hadassah hospital near Jerusalem, and meeting with courageous individuals who cross cultural and religious divides in order to bring healing and hope to the peoples of Israel and Palestine.

This tour will be led by Linford and Janet Stutzman and a representative from the Nazareth Project. Email to be added to a list of interested people.


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