Student Elective Term (SET)

For Graduate Students in Healthcare Disciplines

Student Elective Term (SET)

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) encourages persons studying for healthcare professions to learn and serve in cross-cultural mission/service settings in developing countries.  To further this goal, MHF provides educational grant funding for a Student Elective Term (SET).

Program:  A SET grant provides travel and living subsidies to enable graduate students in healthcare professional study programs to take a study term in a cross-cultural mission setting in a developing country.  MHF also helps with facilitation and coordination of such an experience in cooperation with various Christian agencies.  For more information, view and download: SET Introduction

Eligibility for SET

Examples of eligible students:

  • Medical and dental students
  • Students in public health programs
  • Masters in Nursing students
  • Physical therapy students
  • Masters in Social Work studentsand other students in healthcare-related fields at the masters or doctoral level.

Eligibility Requirements in brief:

  1. Students in any healthcare-related graduate program may apply.
  2. Student must be a member of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship.  Students may apply for membership along with their program application.
  3. Student should have a Mentor Sponsor, preferably a current member of MHF.  Please contact the MHF Office for assistance.
  4. Student will work with his/her educational program and institution, a sponsoring institution or agency, and a placement site to secure a placement that is supervised on site by a qualified preceptor or clinical instructor.
  5. Placement sites shall be in developing countries or settings and typically related to a Christian church or mission agency.  Please contact the MHF Office to discuss any exceptions.
  6. Term of service will be at least 4 weeks.

Requirements and a timeline for the application process available by PDF download: SET Requirements & Timeline

Application Process in brief:

  1. Contact the MHF Office to express interest.  The office can also send forms by email upon request or you can download them yourself.
  2. Download and fill out the application form.  Arrange for SET Reference Request to be sent to three references.  Applications are accepted starting in February for the academic year that begins the following August or September. Email applications are preferred.  Applications and references are due in the MHF Office by May 15th. Special note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are interested in SET for 2020-21 but cannot meet the May 15 deadline, please email the MHF Office to make known your interest. 
  3. Applications are reviewed by a process established by the MHF Board of Directors.  For 2020-21, up to five educational grants of up to $1,000 are awarded by June 15 for use during the following academic year.
  4. Funding is contingent upon students subsequently completing all of the necessary preparations and submitting a letter of acceptance from the placement institution.

Publicity materials for 2020-21

Short announcement for bulletins and newsletters

Graduate Students in Healthcare Professions:  Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) offers educational grant funding for Anabaptist students to learn and serve in cross-cultural mission/service settings in developing countries. Deadline for 2020-21 academic year is May 15, 2020 (but please email us for special circumstances).  For details and application form, visit, email, or call 1-888-406-3643.

Flyer for bulletin boards and mailboxes

SET flyer 2020-21

Contact the MHF Office for more information or further assistance.

Participants in SET

SET Grant Recipients this year

Watch the for ongoing updates on SET students this academic year. 

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Leah SitlerIn addition to skills and professional growth, this month renewed in me a passion for serving the underserved and reminded me of God’s call for us to care for the poor, advocate for the oppressed, and heal the sick. I hope that compassion, justice, skill, and faith will mark my practice.
Leah Sitler

SET Student, 2017-18

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