Anabaptist Center for Healthcare Ethics

Anabaptist Center for Healthcare Ethics (ACHE)

What is ACHE?

ACHE is a cooperative association between Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship and other Mennonite agencies to promote the study and resource sharing on the issues of Christian healthcare ethics.  Begun in 2001 under the leadership of George Stoltzfus, ACHE was incorporated in 2003 under the leadership of Joseph Kotva.  ACHE concluded its active programming as of May 31, 2007.  Following this date, MHS Alliance assumed responsibility for maintaining the association and managing its remaining assets.

Who is involved in ACHE?

  1. Mennonite Health Services
  2. Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship
  3. Everence
  4. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS)

What is the future of ACHE?

In 2012 MHS Alliance and Everence initiated discussion with MHF about the future of the corporate charter and funds of ACHE.  There was an agreement that the subject of healthcare ethics touches each of these organizations, but that the funding does not exist to coordinate special programming on this subject.   Since MHF sees healthcare ethics at the heart of its mission, the ACHE partners agreed to name Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship as administrative agent and transfer the remaining assets and responsibilities of ACHE to MHF for its management.  That transfer took place in January 2013.

It was further agreed that MHF would promote and test the waters on ACHE at upcoming MHF and larger church events.

Members of MHF as well as other interested persons are welcome to contribute to the ACHE fund via the Membership Contributions Form.



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