Member Resources

Helping you connect and contribute to MHF

Member Resources

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship offers the following resources to enable you to contribute, check on your contributions, and connect with other MHF colleagues.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods for Contributions and Fees

Your membership and extra contributions to the work of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship are greatly appreciated!  MHF offers a variety of online and conventional payment methods for your convenience.  All membership and extra contributions are tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes.  Annual Gathering registration payments can also be made; these payments are not tax deductible. For complete information, visit the Payment Methods page.

Document Handling

Documents are made available to persons who want to download and fill out a word processor or paper document to send via email or postal mail.  Visit the Document Handling page for more details.

Member Accounts

Member Accounts

There are different types of online accounts for different purposes.  Further explanation is on the Member Accounts page.

Member Directory

MHF Member Directory

Members of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship have access to contact information of other members by means of an online directory. For details and instructions, see the Member Directory page.

Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms

Please feel free to download these forms to aid you and others to consider membership or renewal of membership in Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship. These forms for 2015-16 are for both new and renewing members.

PDF Forms

These forms require Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to open.  They are most suitable for downloading, printing, and filling out by hand.  However, see the Resources for Document Handling below for free alternate PDF readers that allow you to fill out documents on your computer.

Fillable Forms (DOCX)

These are Microsoft Word Files that can be filled out right in your word processor.  Please save them to your computer with your initials at the end and fill in the form fields.  If you cannot open these files, see the Resources for Document Handling below for further tips.

Document Handling

Resources for Document Handling

PDF Readers

Many people don’t know that there are many other options for reading PDF documents than Adobe Reader.  Many of these allow you to annotate documents and fill in forms via a “typewriter” function and even attach your signature.  Here are some of our favorites.  Be sure to download the free versions and uncheck any toolbars, search engines, etc. that you don’t want.

  • PDF-Xchange Viewer – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) built in, allowing you to scan the actual text of a document.
  • Foxit Reader – Known for being fast and light.
  • NitroPDF – Includes a free PDF creator as well as ability to include a signature.

Microsoft Word Files

If you have an older version of Microsoft Word that does not read the newer DOCX files, you can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to enable that functionality.

You can also open Word Files in these free word processors:


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