Member Accounts

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Member Accounts

Members of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship may have different online accounts for various purposes.  Here is a starting point to accounts which may be associated with MHF. 

Accounts to make payments

Membership information and contributions can now be made from a single interated Membership Form. Simply select the blue button below to get started. Transactions are monitored by the MHF Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper and entered into the online accounting software.

A simplified Contributions Form is also available for one-time and extra contributions. 


Payments can be made via these methods:

  • Paypal.  If you have a Paypal account, you can use that account to make your payment.  Paypal accounts are usually linked to a bank account or a credit card.  Paypal accounts are managed by logging into your Paypal account.
  • Credit card.  A simple credit card transaction in which you enter your credit card number and some additional information for verification.
  • ACH or Electronic Transfer. This method can be indicated on the form. The MHF Office will send you an email with a special link to complete the transaction by entering your bank information into a secure network.
  • Paper Check. You may also indicate your wish to send a paper check in the mail.

More information is on the Payment Methods page.

MHF WordPress Account

WordPress accounts are now separated from both financial and directory information.  

Sign up for a new account or sign in with an existing account if you want to contribute an article, announcement, or comment on the MHF website. A simple login form is in the bottom right hand corner (in the footer) of every web page. 

Member Database Account

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship currently uses Donor Tools online database to track membership and contributions.  Donor Tools allows you to do three basic tasks:

  1. Check and correct your own contact information.
  2. Check your own membership/contributions records. This information is visible only to you. Special Note: The functionality of the online database has seemingly changed. Please contact the MHF Office with any questions about your membership contributions record. 
  3. Look up contact information for other MHF Members in a directory.

Please see the Member Directory page for instructions on how to sign in to Donor Tools.



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