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Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment Fund

About Mary Jean Yoder

Mary Jean YoderMary Jean Yoder was born in India in 1939. She completed her medical training at the University of Indiana with honors in June 1964. She had committed herself to medical missions, a vision cut off in a tragic loss of life by auto accident a few days after graduation from the medical school. This endowment fund is established in her memory.


About the Memorial Endowment Fund

The Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Endowment promotes better health and the relief of suffering in areas of the world where funds are limited and where medical development needs are great.

The founders and administrators of the Endowment have stipulated that the Endowment benefits shall be used in the context of and as a part of an active Christian ministry of love and service. Such service shall seek to meet both spiritual and physical needs. It shall follow the example of the Lord Jesus and serve in the spirit of His words (which Dr. Mary Jean Yoder kept on her desk as her motto):

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

All contributions to the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment are kept intact and only the interest income from the Endowment is used to accomplish its purposes. As far as possible the Endowment should grow and increase in order to cover new needs and compensate for potentially decreased purchasing power.


Benefits of the Endowment Fund

Earnings from the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment will be disbursed for the following categories of activity in order of priority:

  1. Grants to national Christians in developing countries when they have been admitted to medical college and have a Christian service motivation in their desire to study medicine. Only Christian persons who are sponsored by a church, mission, or agency of the Mennonite Central Committee constituency shall be eligible for such grants.
  2. Grants to national Christians of developing countries when these persons, having Christian service motivation, wish to study for paramedical professional or technical service – nursing, radiology pathology for example – and have sponsorship as described in (1) above.
  3. Grants to persons of developing countries for education in all medical fields, provided that these applicants shall be motivated to serve in an approved Christian service.
  4. Grants, preferably in an underdeveloped country, for other Christian medical service or training must meet the spirit, intent, and purposes of the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment.

The original intent of the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment was to provide loans, instead of grants, to qualified individuals. The loans were to be repaid by receiving credits for working in an approved setting. The Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment Benefits Committee encourages individuals receiving grants to repay the grants, in full, at some future date.

All decisions on grants — priority, security, terms, qualifications, and acceptance of applications — shall be made by the Endowments Benefits Committee of the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment.


Grants from the Endowment Fund

Initial grants to students will be for not more than two years. Applications for additional grants may be considered on an annual basis. In all cases, grants are contingent on availability of funds.

Application for grants may be submitted for individuals or for special projects related to health care.

  1. Grants are available for such programs in developing countries or areas as eye camps, medical disaster relief, community immunization drives, hospital improvement and the like.
  2. Grants are available for nursing school or other phases of medical care or training in developing countries.
  3. Grants are available for specific programs of updating or improving health care facilities in developing countries.
  4. Grants for Christian medical service or training must meet the spirit, intent, and purposes of the endowment Fund.
  5. Requests for grants will be considered on the basis of an application submitted on the form supplied by the administrator


Application for Fund Grant

Applications may be requested from the Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment administrator:

Lawrence S. Eby, M.D.
2740 Foxglove Loop SE
Albany OR 97322-7192

Telephone: 1-541-812-1498
Email: Breneby@aol.com

Administration of the Endowment

Mennonite Mission Network has full powers of administration of the Endowment Fund. The Benefits Committee consists of four members: two members appointed by the Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (as the successor to Mennonite Medical Association), one appointed by the Mennonite Mission Network, plus an administrator selected by the Benefits Committee.

The Benefits Committee shall determine the use of the endowment earnings and authorizes disbursements. The Administrator of the fund handles correspondence and applications and provides communication with the Benefits Committee. Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship provides counsel and informational support to the administrator of the fund.

The Dr. Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment Fund is invested with the Mennonite Foundation, Goshen, Indiana. The foundation provides quarterly financial reports to the Benefits committee. Endowment Grants and loans will benefit persons, churches, missions, and agencies of the Mennonite Central Committee constituency.



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