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MHF Membership Levels

If you are a healthcare worker who supports the mission of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship, we want you to join us!

MHF’s program year begins on September 1 for the purposes of tracking membership. Whether you are a student, a professional at the peak of your career, or a retiree interested in encouraging the next generation, MHF has a membership level that’s right for you!

Regardless of which level you choose, you can also make extra contributions either now or at any time during the year toward the mission of MHF or to one of the auxiliary funds which MHF supports. 

Since Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship is a registered non-profit corporation in the U.S., all membership contributions as well as extra contributions are tax deductible as provided for by federal tax regulations.  Consult your accountant or tax attorney for additional details.

Membership Levels for 2019-20

Budget – $25

Especially for students, volunteers, and retirees who are on a very tight budget. If you feel you cannot afford even that much but would still like to be involved, please apply for a gift membership.

Basic – $50

A comfortable level for starting out your giving to MHF. An affordable rate on which to build!

Regular – $100

This is the most common membership level at which many practicing professionals join.

Sustaining – $300

Sustaining Members help to keep other rates affordable for students, volunteers, and others who need a lower rate. If you are a working professional with a solid income, please consider a Sustaining Membership!

Silver Sustaining – $500

Gold Sustaining – $1,000

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship depends on folks who can give at these higher rates as you support the overall mission of MHF!

Extra Contributions

A word about past Mission Funds

Prior to 2016, Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship and its predecessors maintained special mission funds.  Over the course of the years, the purpose and usage of these funds has changed along with the definition of what “mission” is. Thus, as part of its overall strategic plan, the MHF Board has renewed its focus on the total mission of the organization, consolidated all of the funds under its control for greater effectiveness and administrative efficiency, and moved away from a dues model (“What do I owe?”) to a joyous contributions model (“How can I support the mission of MHF?”)

Thus, funding to support “Mobilization for Service” programs such as the Student Elective Term (SET) and the Steven Roth Memorial Grant Program, are built into the yearly budget.  If you gave extra in the past for Mission Funds, consider supporting MHF’s unified budget with a Sustaining Membership or more. 

Regardless of what you can afford, your membership contributions and extra contributions fund the overall operation of MHF in its mission to support the integration of Christian faith and healthcare. To get started click on this link or the button at the top of the second column. 

Other Funds

There are two additional funds for which Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship receives donations but passes them on to other organizations.

Anabaptist Center for Healthcare Ethics (ACHE)

This inter-agency fund is used for programs and projects involving healthcare ethics from a Christian perspective.  MHF manages this fund and issues tax receipts for a a separate 501(c)(3) corporation controlled by all of the Mennonite agencies involved with ACHE.

Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Endowment Fund

This fund is an endowment fund administered by Mennonite Mission Network which provides grants to Christian students in healthcare study programs in developing countries. A Benefits Committee controlled by a majority of MHF members and which also includes representatives from Mennonite Mission Network and the Yoder family disburses the interest accrued by this fund each year.

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