Payment Methods

For Memberships, extra contributions, and event payments

Payment Methods for Contributions and Fees

Your support of the work of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship through your membership and extra contributions are greatly appreciated!  All membership and extra contributions are tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes.  Annual Gathering registration payments can also be made; these payments are not tax deductible.

New! One Form!

In 2018-19, a new streamlined process means that only one form is needed to both join and contribute to Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship! The form is available both online and as a downloaded file (DOCX or PDF). Even if you enter your membership information online, you may still send a paper check in the mail to complete your contribution. 

About those plastic cards

Credit and debit cards are convenient to use and MHF offers this convenience to you for contributions, Annual Gathering registration, and other payments. However, each transaction incurs a fee for MHF. So MHF now gives you the option of adding 3% to your transaction to cover the cost of online fees. That 3% is considered a contribution for individual tax purposes, but it helps MHF stretch your original contribution and retain the convenience. 

Consider an eCheck Pledge

Instead of a credit card, consider an eCheck (also known as a direct bank transfer or ACH transfer) While it involves one extra step, the eCheck is the preferred option for MHF, because its fees are much lower than for credit or debit cards and it streamlines the office accounting procedures.  This means more of your funds go for MHF’s mission and less for administrative fees.

  • Simply select the eCheck option instead of Credit Card or Paypal.  You will receive an email confirmation of your contribution.
  • Within several days, you will receive a pledge notice from the MHF Office through Intuit’s Quickbooks system. The email will contain a special email link to complete your transaction.
  • After clicking on the link, you will fill in your checking account number and the routing number of your financial institution, both of which can be found on your paper check. You can also securely save this information for convenient use in future transactions. 
  • Submit the form and your funds are on their way to MHF.

Write and mail in a check

  • Even if you use the new online Membership Form, you can still send in your paper check by mail. Simply check the appropriate box and submit the form as usual.
    • MHF will send you a Pledge notice by email as a reminder and for tracking purposes in the MHF Office.
    • You will be given the option to use the eCheck system (see above), but you can ignore that and simply write the invoice pledge number on the email subject line on your check.
  • Or… if you want to use a paper form, go to the Documents and Forms page.
    • Download the forms that you need in either PDF or DOCX format.
    • Fill them out either by hand or on a word processor.
    • Send them by email or postal mail.



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