Meet May Poduschnick

MHF's New Communication Coordinator


Tell us about yourself?

 My name is May Poduschnick and I have had the privilege of meeting some of you already over the course of the last half year, whether it be from the last virtual Annual Gathering, or from our Community Conversations or other MHF activities.  I joined MHF as the Communications Manager around Aug/Sept 2021 and have enjoyed working with Cate and Andrew and the dedicated board of MHF. My educational background is in Health Communications and worked at an international health organization called Population Communications but more recently I have dabbled in many endeavors, including starting a Chinese culture and language company, US Census field work, catering and bartending, leading preschool music and movement courses, to name a few.

My family calls MIddlebury, Vermont home although we have also made California, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia and Germany home at varying points.  My family consists of myself, my husband, Rik, and our four children ages 7 – 19.  We are a multi-cultural family, my husband being German and I am Taiwanese-American, making our children, Taiwanese-German-American kids.  We attend the Congregational Church of MIddlebury, where we are all active in the church school ministries and outreach.  


How did you come to serve with MHF?

I first met Cate while I was volunteering with the Global Anabaptist Health Network (GAHN), where I am also the Communications Coordinator.  There is quite a bit of overlap and mutual cooperation between GAHN and MHF that is possible and I hope that will grow to be a beneficial partnership.  Although I am not a medical professional, I see MHF as becoming more inclusive of other medical related fields, including public health, health administration, and chaplaincy.  I am intrigued by the role that faith has on the health of the individual (physical and spiritual) and faith leaders’ profound impact on the health and overall well-being of their congregation.  There is still so much I want to learn and grow in this area.


What is one goal you have for 2022?

I have many goals for 2022 but one overarching goal is to make the most of my opportunities, in relationships, friendships, and work.  The past two years have been very unusual to put it mildly, but there is still a great deal of good that can come out of difficult times. And another easy goal is to make more music, whether to sing more or play the guitar or piano more or listen to more music.

Please welcome May to MHF! We are so grateful to have her sharing her expertise and time with us! 

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