Registration OPEN for 80th Anniversary Annual Gathering 2024

Living an Anabaptist Healthcare Ethic – September 27th-29th, Laurelville Retreat Center

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship is pleased to announce that registration is now open for Annual Gathering 2024! Join us September 27 – 29 at Laurelville Retreat Center to celebrate the 80th anniversaries of Mennonite Medical Association and Mennonite Nurses Association.

Register Here for Annual Gathering:  September 27-19, 2024 at Laurelville 


Healthcare providers who seek to keep their faith forefront in what they do while pursuing ethical, evidence-based care are challenged on every front in today’s profit-focused, hectic healthcare system. Even if we can articulate what a Christian and Anabaptist approach to providing healthcare for those that seek our care – how do we actually live that ethic when confronted with intractible systems of power and profit?

80 years ago a group of Anabaptist nurses and a group of physicians gathered together to ask these very same questions – and although the context has certainly changed, the urgency and need to come together and encourage one another in our discernment and living of Anabaptist ethics and values in healthcare has remained as vital as ever.

Join Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship for our 80th Anniversary Annual Gathering to honor and learn from those who have been living an Anabaptist healthcare ethic for many years and those who are creatively discovering new ways to live their faith in healthcare practice today as young professionals and pioneers in their fields. Attendees reflect that Annual Gathering is a turning point in their careers in being able to be fully themselves in all the spaces they go: Anabaptist and dedicated health professionals.

Every MHF Annual Gathering involves powerful singing and worship, wonderful keynote speakers, activities around Laurelville and in nature, shared meals and laughter, and a chance to connect deeply with those who share your values, your faith, and your passion for caring through others through healthcare.

 Tentative Agenda to Follow

What is an Anabaptist healthcare ethic? 
How can we practically apply this in our work (and after we retire from that work)? 

Could this type of ethic help guide solutions for problems in healthcare, and if so, how?

If any of these questions sound intriguing to you, we would love to have you join us in September!

Please contact us at with any questions or if you are interested in leading a breakout session yourself.

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