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Dr. Ann Thyle never considered practicing medicine in a rural setting.  She was bound for a career in academic medicine.  However, after visiting a small mission hospital in the foothills of the Himalayas, her family was called to provide temporary assistance for the hospital’s great needs. Two years extended into 34 years and encouraged Dr. Thyle to expand her scope as a female physician from anesthesiology to obstetrics/gynecology and palliative/hospice medicine.

Christmas 2010Ann and MamtaAs she engages in work that is seldom easy, she sees God’s hand guiding the hospital’s workforce to manage even the most complex cases. Support from her family, church, and the tight-knit hospital campus allows her to live out her calling in shared faith. When she’s not working on health initiatives or treating patients, Dr. Thyle can be found spending time with her children and grandchildren, cooking, sewing, reading, and enjoying general housekeeping tasks.

We look forward to the MHF Annual Gathering and experiencing Dr. Thyle’s plenary presentation and workshop, entitled “Health Care Delivery to the Poor: A Personal Calling.”