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This issue of Mennonite Health Journal (MHJ) is the last issue of this publication in its current format for the time being. To understand the reasons behind this and other related decisions by the Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) Board of Directors, you are encouraged to start by reading the full introduction to this November edition of MHJ.  MHJ 2015-11

This issue begins with a message from the new MHF President, Beth Good, outlining the hopes and vision of the Board for the year ahead.  The final article is by MHJ Editor and MHF Executive Director, Paul Leichty, with some specific actions being taken as a result of this strategic planning.

In between, we feature some interesting articles on a variety of subjects.

The lead story is a report of an unusual evening meeting in Goshen, Indiana, including leaders of Nazareth Hospital, a Christian hospital in Israel, established over 150 years ago.  The information and inspiration shared on that occasion will be of much wider interest than just Indiana.

MHF member, Janelle Aby, is featured in another article as the author of The Newborn Book which is a comprehensive guide to conditions affecting newborn babies.

Elizabeth Nafziger reflects on her Student Elective Term (SET) experience earlier this year. The May 2015 issue featured two other SET reports of those who had this experience during the 2014-15 academic year.

Finally, Murray Nickel, President of International Mennonite Health Association (IMHA) talks about the larger meaning of Respect in the context of cross-cultural program planning.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Mennonite Health Journal.  The MHF Board invites your comments and questions through the MHF Office at

About the author

Paul D. LeichtyPaul D. Leichty, M.Div. was the first Executive Director of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF), serving from Sept. 2011 through May 2020.  Paul has served as a pastor, church musician, computer support person, disabilities advocate, and administrator/organizer of a number of church-related ministries. In addition to responsibilities at MHF, Paul is Executive Director of Congregational Accessibility Network and was formerly Director of User Services at  He is a member of Agape Fellowship of the Mennonite Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife, Twila Charles Leichty.