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Employment Announcement





Ravi Prasad Jakkula, MPH, recently immigrated to the United States from India to join his wife in the metropolitan Chicago area. He is looking for the employment opportunity in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, public health, or healthcare administration.  He holds the following degrees and certifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Diploma in Hospital Administration, and Master of Public Health (Epidemiology).

Ravi Prasad grew up in a Christian family in India. His father is David Jakkula, Mennonite Brethren pastor and Executive Director of the Mennonite Brethren Development Organisation in Telangana State who is a member of MHF and came to an MHF-sponsored meeting during Mennonite World Conference Assembly in Harrisburg in 2015.

In India, Ravi Prasad has been involved in various church and community ministries, has worked with MCC in tsunami rehabilitation and served in various other Christian organizations.  A more complete resume is available upon request. You can contact Ravi Prasad Jakkula by email at or by phone at 847-298-4815.