Call for Proposals: Annual Gathering 2024

Submit your Workshop, Roundtable, or Paper Presentation by April 30th

The Call for Proposals for Annual Gathering 2024 is OPEN! 

MHF Annual Gathering 2024 will be held at Laurelville Retreat Center from September 27th-29th, 2024. We will be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Mennonite Medical Association and Mennonite Nurses Association — and thus MHF!

The theme is: Living an Anabaptist Healthcare Ethic: Past, Present, and Future

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship Annual Gathering Call for Proposals

MHF is pleased to open our call for proposals for work, projects, stories, and ideas that embody and demonstrate the Anabaptist healthcare ethic: past, present, and future, in celebration of MHF’s 80th Annivesary. Practical applications of an Anabaptist healthcare ethic will be prioritized and should be emphasized in all proposals.

Some ideas in line with the theme:

How has an Anabaptist healthcare ethic brought us through our careers / history so far? How could a robust Anabaptist healthcare ethic guide solutions for problems in healthcare now and in the future? What do you define as the “Anabaptist healthcare ethic” and how did you arrive at your understanding? How do you practically apply an Anabaptist healthcare ethic in tough situations in your workplace and healthcare practice? 

The MHF Board and Annual Gathering planning committee would also like to extend the discussion of practicing an Anabaptist healathcare ethic to beyond active practice and invite proposals that consider how we continue to live and embody Anabaptist healthcare ethic(s) in retirement and the so-called “second-half” of life. Stories, experiences, and research on this topic are encouraged. 

We welcome proposals from all fields within healthcare, including public health, chaplaincy / theology, family medicine, specialty and hospital medicine, nurses and nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and other birth workers, psychologists, therapists, social workers, dentists, researchers, administrators, and others. 

Proposals will be accepted in the following formats:

  • Paper / Poster Sessions
  • 90-Minute Interactive Workshops
  • Original Research Presentations
  • Panel Discussions (those who propose this need to recruit the panel members for their proposed session)
  • Facilitated talking-circle sessions
1. Individuals may propose more than one session or idea. 
2. Those accepted to present will receive $50 off the cost of registration at Annual Gathering representing a presenter’s rate. We are sorry we are not able to offer travel scholarships or support at this time. 
3. Questions – please contact Cate,
Proposals are open until April 30th. You will be notified by May 15th of a decision regarding your proposal. 

Submit Your Proposal for Annual Gathering!


We look forward to receiving your ideas and proposals! If you have any questions, contact

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