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Saturday evening presentation

Annual Gathering 2019

James Nelson GingerichResilient Healthcare: A Matter of Trust

James Nelson Gingerich, MD

Maple City Health Care Center is an experiment in affordable, high quality, integrated, community based health care for a low-income, multi-cultural, immigrant neighborhood. The center’s founding physician, James Nelson Gingerich, will describe the radical, counter-intuitive, upside-down culture of trust that is at the heart of the center’s resilience and success. James will not offer tips or tricks because tips and tricks aren’t enough. At Maple City, resilience results from no less than fostering a culture of trust. Patients, providers, and staff foster this culture of trust through (1) the assumption of abundance, (2) investing in relationships, and (3) dying to the fear of death.

James will also offer a follow-up workshop to allow for further stories and discussion among participants.

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Well-being for All

Annual Gathering 2019

June 21-23, 2019

Laurelville Mennonite Church Center,

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

"Well-being for All:
Developing Resilience in Healthcare

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