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Episode 7: Special Episode

Ethical Considerations during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joe KotvaListen in as Joann Hunsberger interviews Rev. Joseph J. Kotva Jr. Ph.D., an Anabaptist bioethicist as they discuss some of the ethical conundrums related to patient care and provider protections during the coronavirus pandemic. Joe is ordained in the Mennonite church and currently co-directs the ethics program at the Indiana University School of Medicine, South Bend.

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MennoHealth Cast seeks to highlight the personal stories of nurses, doctors, health researchers, dentists, chaplains, social workers, advanced practitioners, and others involved in various fields related to the care of human beings. MennoHealth Cast is hosted by Joann Hunsberger, a pediatric anesthesiologist specializing in intraoperative anesthesia and post-operative pain management in children.

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