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Mennonite Health Assembly

Mennonite Health Assembly

2015 Mennonite Health Assembly
March 5-7, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hyatt Cincinnati


Mennonite Health Assembly (MHA) is an annual gathering of organizational representatives and individual professionals who meet each spring. Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship participates in the sponsorship and planning of MHA under the leadership of Mennonite Health Services Alliance.

Watch for more news to come about MHA 2015!

MHA 2014 in Kansas City

MHA 2014 was held March 6-8, 2014 in Kansas City.  The theme was “Pioneers, Partners, and Pathways.”  MHF representatives helped plan and were present at the Assembly.

Special MHF Feature at MHA 2014

MHF members and all interested healthcare professionals attending MHA are invited to this special gathering:

Open Space Session
Friday afternoon, March 7, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Presentation:  “A Century of Mennonite Healthcare in India”
Joseph Duerksen, MD

Joseph DuerksenJoseph Duerksen was born to General Conference Mennonite missionaries J.R. and Christina Duerksen and grew up in India.  He attended Woodstock School, a boarding school in the mountains in North India, graduating from High School in 1945. He graduated from Bethel College in 1950 and the University of Kansas Medical School in 1954.  He then did an internship at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans and worked at the Bethel Clinic in Newton, Kansas.

In the fall of 1956, he and his wife left for India in the under appointment with the General Conference Mennonite Board of Missions.  They served at Sewa Bhawan Hospital from 1956 to 1962 with Joseph doing general practice with an emphasis on surgery.  Following a surgical residency program at the University of Kansas, they returned to India in 1963 and were stationed at the Champa Christian Hospital until 1969.

Returning to Kansas University, Dr. Duerksen trained in anesthesiology until he joined the faculty at Kansas University from 1972-1976 as a cardiovascular anesthesiologist.  In 1976 he joined the staff of St. Luke’s Hospital to help establish an Anesthesia Residency training program at that hospital as an Assistant Professor with the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  He retired in 1993 to emeritus status.  For a number of years  he helped cover hospitals in the area until they were able to fill their anesthesia staffing needs.

From 1993 to 2010, Dr. Duerksen made multiple visits to India.  He served on numerous occasions as a visiting professor at the Christian Medical Colleges at Vellore and Ludhiana and continued to visit the Mennonite-related hospitals at Jagdeeshpur, Champa, Dhamtari, Satbarwa and Madhipura.  With the establishment of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, Joseph has visited most of the hospitals of the Association one or more times.  He is also past president of the St. Stephen’s Hospital (Delhi) Board USA anc currently serves on the U.S. boards of Christian Medical College Ludhiana and the Emmanuel Hospital Association.

Joseph Duerksen’s presentation at Mennonite Health Assembly is entitled, “A Century of Mennonite Healthcare in India.”  He will discuss the work of pioneer medical mission workers in India, outline the transition to a partnership of numerous Christian hospitals to form Emmanuel Hospital Association, and give listeners a glimpse of the pathways to the present and the future of Christian medical work in India.