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Active members are persons who support the work of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship, normally through their member contributions. Explore the benefits, criteria, and levels of membership below.  Then follow these steps:

  1. Membership Contributions Form.  Use the dark blue button to select your baseline membership level as well as memberships for a family member or friend. You will also be given the opportunity to make extra contributions to support the “Mobilization for Service” that is at the heart of MHF’s mission.  When you complete your payment, you will be directed to the next step.
  2. Membership Information Form.  Use the light blue button to go directly to this form to help keep MHF member records up-to-date.
  3. Website Login Account.  Finally, you will be given the opportunity to create a login account on this website to be able to participate and comment on announcements and blog posting pages.

For more information about these accounts, see the Member Accounts page.  You will also find additional information and instructions via the Member Resources Page.

New! Read the Spring Letter by MHF Board member, Joann Hunsberger, pediatric anesthesiologist from Baltimore, Maryland.  Then use her example to write your own letter to other prospective members!

Benefits of Membership

Benefits and Resources for MHF Members

The basic purposes of MHF are carried out through program activities focusing on mutual support, education, mentoring, and mobilization for service.  Activities include:

  • Fellowship and networking opportunities across many healthcare disciplines professionals seeking to integrate their Anabaptist Christian faith and healthcare practice.
  • Annual Gathering for inspiration, learning, networking, and fellowship.
  • Regional Meetings for gathering in local areas for learning, networking, and mutual support.
  • Communication and online networking via email newsletter, announcement forums, and Mennonite Health Journal.
  • Forums for seeking clarity and mutual support on crucial moral and ethical concerns in healthcare.
  • Building global church and healthcare relationships
  • Supporting significant service projects and grant programs, especially for students, young professionals, and volunteers.
  • Communications avenue for responding to volunteer opportunities.
Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

Healthcare professionals from the full spectrum of healthcare services, training and academia, and ministry are welcome to join in membership and participate in MHF.

Members must meet three criteria:

  1. Be part of a healthcare-related discipline or have a special interest in health issues.
  2. Embrace Anabaptist values.
  3. Support the mission of MHF.

For more information on the criteria for membership, see the Criteria Page.

Membership Levels

Membership Levels

Active professionals are encouraged to contribute at one of these levels:

  • Sustaining Member – $300/year
  • Regular Member – $85/year
  • New Member – $50/year

Reduced rate memberships are available as follows:

  • Student Member – $25/year
  • Retiree Member – $25/year
  • Low Income / Volunteer Member – $25/year or whatever is affordable

Please visit the Membership Levels page for more details

Do you prefer to write a check?

  • Go to the Documents and Forms page.
  • Download the paper forms that you need.
  • Fill them out either by hand or on a word processor.
  • Send them by email or postal mail.
  • For more information about all the payment methods, including the eCheck option, see the Payment Methods page.

Want to see your contributions record?

Use MHF’s Donor Tools database to see when you last made a contribution (either for membership or extra contributions). For specific instructions, visit the Member Directory page.  Or go directly to the MHF Donor Tools site.

Please be aware that in Donor Tools, members are called “Donors” and any kind of contribution, whether for dues or otherwise, is called a Donation.

Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS

Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS
Iowa City, Iowa
Dental Resident/Fellow

Engaging with the mission of MHF allows me to bridge my identity as a follower of Jesus and healthcare professional, allowing me to strengthen the faith-based motivations in my career as a dentist.

Kenton T. Derstine

Kenton T. Derstine
Rockingham, Virginia
Chaplain/Pastoral Educator

As a member of Mennonite Chaplains Association I was intrigued when I learned about the emergence and vision of MHF. Rather than a separate organization designed to serve the needs of each profession I discovered an association intended to serve the point of connection among all professions involved in healthcare dedicated to addressing the shared challenge of integrating our faith into our different professions and contexts. I have been warmly welcomed at each annual gathering and have found the conversations, plenaries and workshops relevant to chaplains—and pastors. The vision of MHF—to promote and support a conversation among all Anabaptist concerned about issues related to healthcare in our society leads me to encourage chaplain and pastors who share these concerns to participate in MHF and contribute to the shared effort to bring our faith to bear on our day to day practice as well as society as a whole. For this conversation we need all professions at the table.

Indigo Miller, BSN, RN

Indigo Miller, BSN, RN
Boston, Mass.
RN & MPH Candidate

MHF does important work providing opportunities for health professionals and students to build relationships across disciplines while encouraging tough conversations centered on how faith influences our individual and collective work improving health and seeking physical, mental, and spiritual human wellness. I am personally thankful to MHF for offering valuable opportunities in leadership and networking as a young professional, and their generosity via the Steven Roth Memorial Grant Program in support of my public health volunteering in Tanzania.

Paul D. Leichty

Paul D. Leichty, MDiv
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Executive Director of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship

I am committed to assist healthcare professionals to integrate their Anabaptist Christian faith and their professional life. It is a privilege to serve hundreds of committed and caring healthcare professionals in their faith journey. 

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