Silent Art Auction

Annual Gathering 2017 at Laurelville

Silent Art Auction

New feature at Annual Gathering!

There will be a “Silent Art Auction” this year at Annual Gathering. Below is picture of the acrylic painting that will be offered for sale. The painting will be on display during the Annual Gathering in the Meetinghouse where plenary sessions will be held.  The proceeds will go toward student scholarships for next year’s Annual Gathering.  Instructions on how to bid will be available at the Annual Gathering.  

Below, you can view the painting and below that, the artist’s statement. 

Artist Statement

Artist: Janine Gemay Aberg
Title: Together Creating A Healing Environment
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 16.5” X 24”
Year Created: 2016

Story: This painting is a conceptual work illustrating the power of action through the healthcare community. The depiction is of layers peeling off a landscape. The three layers are peeled off and dissipate because of the action of the silhouetted figures in the foreground.

The figures are partial silhouettes as they represent any person who fills their role, especially those in the healthcare and counseling professions. The first figure to the left is helping a little girl with a wound on her arm. Another lady is counseling a young man, and a third figure is protecting a growing plant. Concerns about trauma, sexuality, and public health are being addressed through the actions of these figures. The figure watching over the plant is crouched over almost in a praying position, symbolizing the aspect of faith involved in the work of healing. This person is not touching but encouraging and speaking life over the young plant.

The landscape immediately around the figures is one filled with life, flowers, fresh water and abundance. This is set in contrast to the landscapes which are being peeled off by the presence of the people on the land. The layer farthest to the right represents the brokenness and trauma in people’s minds and spirits. The second layer is that of a trash mound, representing environmental devastation. Questions around climate change, trash mounds, and life style are posed and addressed as these individuals do their work. The third layer is that of a dried out and arid landscape. It represents the depletion of life in the soil in which we grow our food, and the brokenness of the hearts of people suffering from traumatic situations in their lives as well as being the victims of prejudice from society.

It is noteworthy that the figures are not pushing away the broken layers, but that they are naturally being peeled off as these individuals are doing their work. As they walk out in their own callings and gifting, together harmonizing with one another, both the land and people around them are healed.



Mennonite Health Journal