MHF Structures

How MHF is organized for its mission

The Organizational Structure of MHF

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in both Virginia and Indiana. For more information, see the About MHF page.


MHF is controlled by a self-appointed Board of Directors made up of MHF Associates (Members).  Directors serve staggered three-year terms and can be re-elected.


A paid staff consists of a half-time Executive Director and a part-time contracted Administrative Assistant.

Groups and Committees

Groups and Committees provide opportunities for MHF members to get involved in areas of interest and thus to give leadership to broad task areas within MHF. They serve as advisory groups to the Board of Directors.


Regional groups are loosely organized in various parts of the United States and abroad wherever there is an interested cluster of MHF Members.  Regions have informal leadership that emerges among interested persons in that region.  Regional leaders plan Regional Meetings in cooperation with the MHF Office.

Relationship to the Mennonite Church

MHF members accept Anabaptist values and come from a variety of churches and backgrounds.  MHF has informal connections with Mennonite Church USA from which the majority of MHF members come and cooperative relationships with a variety of Mennonite organizations.  More about Mennonites.



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