Regional Meetings

Meetings for inspiration, networking, and fellowship

Regional Meetings

Update! Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all planning for Regional Meetings has been placed on hold. 

Regional Meetings are informal fellowship and/or inspirational events focused on a single topic or presentation. In areas where there are clusters of members, large or small, this is a good way for Anabaptist healthcare professionals to meet together for mutual encouragement, fellowship, and networking.

Regional Coordinators

Could you help organize a Regional Meeting or Regional Gathering? MHF would like to identify Regional Coordinators in each area where there are a cluster of members. Volunteers and “shoulder tappers” are needed! Here are some resources to help:

A Coordinator or coordinating group in each area works with the MHF Office to plan and coordinate these events. Contact the MHF Office to find out how you can help start a group. And visit the Past Meetings page to browse past meeting dates and topics.

Regional Meeting Goals

  1. Provide a face to face setting where members from all healthcare professions can learn to know each other personally and develop relationships for fellowship and networking.
  2. Provide resources of encouragement and support to each other through speakers, discussion forums, and other programs of interest.
  3. Build interest and enthusiasm among current MHF members for the Annual Gatherings.
  4. Recruit additional healthcare professionals in the area.
  5. Meet and encourage students interested in healthcare professions and acquaint them with and invite them to join MHF.
  6. Support and find ways to connect students in healthcare studies programs with healthcare professionals in their area of interest.



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