The Future of MHF Gatherings

Expanded settings, new time for Annual Gathering

Changes in MHF Gatherings

Annual Gathering 2019Over the last several years, Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship has tried to respond to the diverse needs of Anabaptist healthcare professionals. In 2016, MHF developed a more focused set of goals: mutual support, education, mentoring, and mobilization for service. Many of those goals are promoted heavily through face-to-face events, most notably, the Annual Gathering.

In order to provide opportunities for more persons to experience the encouragement, support, and inspiration of MHF Gatherings and Meetings, Annual Gathering will be moving to a new time of year and additional opportunities will be developed for Regional Gatherings and Regional Meetings in different parts of the country.

Annual Gatherings

Starting in 2020, MHF will hold its Annual Gathering in the early fall. Annual Gatherings will continue to be in a retreat setting with a full weekend program.  Visit the Annual Gatherings page for more details.

Regional Gatherings

Regional Gatherings are being planned for diverse locations around the country. They will be focused on an all-day Saturday schedule most of which would be broadcast via the Internet. The goal with Regional Gatherings is to make them more accessible through live streaming as well as webinars after the fact.  For those attending in person, a fellowship event on Friday evening and a Sunday morning worship option will be built in as circumstances permit. Watch for an announcement soon about upcoming Regional Gatherings in 2020!

Regional Meetings

MHF would like to revive Regional Meetings yet in 2019. Regional Meetings are generally an evening fellowship event with one featured presentation. We are seeking persons to coordinate Regional Meetings in their home areas. For more information, please see the Regional Meetings page and visit the Past Meetings page for ideas from previous meetings. 

Student Meetings

A new feature in MHF’s programming is Student Meetings. These are generally held on Mennonite campuses and often co-sponsored by an academic department and/or student club. While the focus is on students, this is also an opportunity for practicing professionals to interact with students, give presentations, or offer shadowing or mentoring opportunities. Visit the Student Meetings page for details including an event already scheduled for November 2019.

Ambitious Goals!

MHF’s expanded Gatherings and Meetings are part of an overall effort to reach more Anabaptist healthcare professionals in the coming year. Your support is needed to help plan and carry out these events as well as promoting them and supporting them through your attendance as you are able.