Student Meetings

Opportunities for inspiration, networking, and mentoring

Student Meetings

In 2019, MHF is beginning a series of Student Meetings held on college campuses and specifically geared to students. Watch this page for more details. 

Next Student Meeting

Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 4:00 pm
Goshen College Science Center, Room 106

Biology Talk: Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship
Representatives of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF), led by Board member, Dr. Kris Schmidt, Assistant Professor of the Biology Department at Eastern Mennonite University will give a presentation on the topic, “Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship: Looking for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders.” Also participating are local surgeon, John Martens, and Clair Hochstetler, President of the MHF Board, and formerly chaplain of the Goshen Health System.

Local practitioners and other MHF members are welcome to join the conversation. RSVP to or 1-888-406-3643 to assist in planning.

For complete information, watch this page, or contact the MHF Office.

Student Meeting Goals

  1. To connect with health-related academic programs to provide opportunities for students to connect with a larger movement of Anabaptist-related healthcare professionals.
  2. Provide a face to face setting where students can hear from seasoned professionals on topics of interest as they prepare for a career in a healthcare field.
  3. Provide direct contacts for students with professionals who can offer shadowing, internship, and mentoring opportunities. \
  4. Provide resources of encouragement and support to students through speakers, discussion forums, and other programs of interest.
  5. Build interest and enthusiasm for the benefits of joining Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship.
  6. To encourage more students to attend MHF Regional and Annual Gatherings.
Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship

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