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Introducing MennoHealth Cast

MennoHealth Cast is a new podcast production begun by Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship in 2019 in cooperation with The Mennonite magazine. MennoHealth Cast seeks to highlight the personal stories of nurses, doctors, health researchers, dentists, chaplains, social workers, advanced practitioners, and others involved in various fields related to the care of human beings.

Joann HunsbergerMennoHealth Cast is hosted by Joann Hunsberger, a pediatric anesthesiologist specializing in intraoperative anesthesia and post-operative pain management in children.

Contributions are welcomed to continue to offer this podcast series free of charge. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Each episode is introduced via a a blog posting below. Select the “read more” button for the full blog entry. Go directly to the MennoHealth Cast page to listen to any episode.

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