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Plenary presentations

Annual Gathering 2019

Four plenary sessions will be held at Annual Gathering 2019.  Watch this page for more details about Annual Gathering plenary session presentations. 

Friday evening

Dr. Sibonokuhle NcubeWho is under your carbon footprint?

Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube

Have you thought about who is under your carbon footprint, and how that impacts your own choices? What is a healthy way to respond personally, and as a community to this global challenge? As the impacts of climate change become increasingly obvious, we need to hear from our sisters and brothers around the world who are feeling the greatest impact of climate change. This session will focus on firsthand accounts from the global south of the shifting climate and its effects on individual communities. Perspectives from the global south will be used to discuss what it means to faithfully respond as a church, and as individuals, to this central challenge. Participants are invited to consider what this means in their daily life, ranging from individual lifestyle choices to opportunities for influencing institutional policies.

Saturday morning

James Nelson GingerichResilient Healthcare: A Matter of Trust

James Gingerich, MD

Maple City Health Care Center is an experiment in affordable, high quality, integrated, community based health care for a low-income, multi-cultural, immigrant neighborhood. The center’s founding physician, James Nelson Gingerich, will describe the radical, counter-intuitive, upside-down culture of trust that is at the heart of the center’s resilience and success.  James will not offer tips or tricks because tips and tricks aren’t enough. At Maple City, resilience results from no less than fostering a culture of trust. Patients, providers, and staff foster this culture of trust through (1) the assumption of abundance, (2) investing in relationships, and (3) dying to the fear of death.

Saturday evening

Well-being for All: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic

John Boll, DO, FAAFP

The United States is in a crisis of suffering regarding both chronic pain and addiction. This impacts every level of our society whether by accidental overdoses and deaths, lost relationships, and burnout among families and medical providers. Chronic pain and addiction are characterized by separation from community and family, and in general, a lack of hope for the future. This session will focus on reframing this crisis of pain and addiction in terms relevant to biblical principles such that we can change the dialogue to one of hope.


Sunday morning

Clair Char SusanAddressing Moral Injury With Spiritual Strength

Clair Hochstetler, MDiv
Charlene Epp, MDiv
Susan Lanford, MDiv

This closing worship and plenary session will be a spiritual “symphony” in three movements:
I. Listening/Learning from research regarding Moral Injury and its mitigation.
II. Remembering/Responding to an incident in each of our own experience which had a profound moral/spiritual, psychological, or physical impact in our life, and
Commitment/Communion as we share the Lord’s Supper together.


Well-being for All

Annual Gathering 2019

June 21-23, 2019

Laurelville Mennonite Church Center,

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

"Well-being for All:
Developing Resilience in Healthcare

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