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Racial Justice is Integral to Health & Shalom

Racial Justice is Integral to Health & Shalom

MHF Statement on the Killing of George Floyd


MHF is a collective of healthcare providers committed to Mennonite principles of non-violence, justice, and service.

As such, we publicly condemn the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and all instances of state-perpetuated violence. These killings have occurred in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic which has inflicted disproportionate harm and death on Black bodies and communities. We believe that achieving Racial Justice in this country and worldwide is integral to bringing true health, healing, and Shalom to our world. We believe that Jesus stood with and for the marginalized, giving himself up to state-perpetuated violence to reveal both its horrors and its ultimate weakness against the full power and Shalom of God. As healthcare providers committed to the Way of Peace, we stand in solidarity with the Black community in calling for a recognition of the harms of racism and the necessity of racial justice within and external to our healthcare systems.

We pray as Jesus taught us: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” 

For our members looking for resources for themselves and their congregations, here is an extensive lists of Anti-racism resources.


Membership Campaign – Join the Conversation!

Fall Membership Campaign launched

Join the conversation on faith and health!

Join the Conversation!

MHF launches Fall Membership Campaign

I was surprised! Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship grabbed my heart!” Thus begins a special letter to all of you from our new Board President, Clair Hochstetler. I hope MHF will grab your heart as well! Please read on to learn about our Fall Membership Campaign which invites you and hundreds more Anabaptists to Join the conversation!

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship is responding to the diverse needs of Anabaptist healthcare professionals. This new program year as of September 1, MHF is striving toward the goals of mutual support, education, mentoring, and mobilization for service by implementing these strategies around the theme, “Join the conversation on faith and health!“:

Fall Membership Campaign

This year’s Membership Campaign focuses on encouraging even more Anabaptist healthcare professionals to join MHFJoin the conversation! From September through December, MHF usually receives 50-60% of its yearly income. Let’s make that even higher this year by each of us finding at least one other person to join the conversation at MHF! This will get MHF off to a good start! 

Gatherings for the future

MHF is projecting an expansion of opportunities for face-to-face Gatherings and Meetings. Starting in 2020, MHF will hold its Annual Gathering in the early fall. Between now and then Regional Gatherings will be organized in various locations. The plan also calls for revivng Regional Meetings on weekday evenings. Student meetings will also be added to reach out to a new generation of students.

Tools to make personal invitations

Please consider seriously getting personally involved in encouraging others to Join the conversation! 

Ambitious Goals!

All of these plans and projected activities are part of an overall effort to reach more Anabaptist healthcare professionals in the coming year. To succeed, they require the efforts of current members as well! Your support is crucial:

  • Renew your membership contributions. 
  • Invite a friend or colleague to join. 
  • Plan for Annual Gathering in September 2020
  • Help organize a Regional Gathering or Regional Meeting. 

All of this at Join the conversation!

Thanks for your support! 


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Stan Reedy
Washington, DC
Retired Public Health Physician

I am a part of MHF because some of my best friends participate in MHF, and I have learned so much from other members over the years.

Nicole Groff
Lancaster, PA
PA & Public Health Student

I love the connections I’ve found through MHF!

Ray Martin
McLean, VA
Retired Public Health

[I am MHF to] reconnect with my Anabaptist roots.

Clair Hochstetler
Cincinnati, OH
Hospital Chaplain

I enjoy the networking, the stories, inspiration, and Anabaptist theological perspectives.

Gail Weybright, RN, MSN
Milford, IN
RN & Nurse Educator

I value MHF’s interdisciplinary focus on health.

Rob Shelly MD
Williamson, NY
Med-Peds Physician

[I am MHF because] the stories and life’s work of other MHF members are inspiring!

Richard Hirschler
Goshen, IN
Retired Physician

[MHF is a] community of believers gathered and scattered, to help one another in our quest to serve others in a way that rightly represents our Lord and furthers Shalom for all.

Indigo Miller, RN BSN

Indigo Miller, RN BSN
Boston, MA

I believe MHF provides a vital opportunity for healthcare professionals in the Mennonite faith to connect, collaborate, and learn as a community about how we can best serve our patients, each other, and all of creation.

Let’s put a face to MHF! Join us in this photo campaign to share why you are a part of Mennonite Healthcare fellowship!

It’s easy!

There are two ways to contribute:

1) Use our Facebook Camera photo frame (link) in the Facebook app to take a photo, video, or put on an existing picture.


2) Write or print on your “I am MHF” card (JPG or PDF) and take a photo holding it.

You could even do both!

We would love to hear from everyone why they think MHF is important, why they participate in MHF, and/or what they appreciate about MHF. So include in your photo or its caption this sentence:

I, (your name), am a (your profession) and I am a part of MHF because (your answer)!

Finally, post the photos on our Facebook page, your Twitter feed, or submit them below so we can all see the great community that makes up MHF!

And don’t forget to use our Hashtags: #MennoHealth   #IamMHF

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Benjamin RuthI had an amazing experience working in Roatán, Honduras and learned many valuable lessons that will serve me for years to come. In addition, after years of hard work in medical school and starting to wonder if I had taken the right path, I believe I found my answer in Roatán where my passion for medicine has been restored. The rotation challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I know it will profoundly change the way that I think about medicine.

Benjamin Ruth, MD

SET student 2015

Brianna MoyerThe month at Macha allowed me to gain the experience I sought in physical exam and diagnostic skills as well as taught me how to evaluate and utilize my current context and resources in order to provide the best care for my patients.
Brianna Moyer, MD

SET student, 2015

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship

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